Drone hoax to ATC – A Major challenge on the way

Drone hoax to ATC - A Major challenge on the way

Drone hoax to ATC

Drone in commercial or personal account both have played important roles now a days. But due to misleading and unidentified guideline, now this technology became a popular threat to aviation industry. According to www.airport-technology.com, US Federal Aviation Administration is now taking a major breakthrough to impose the regulations for commercial and noncommercial purpose of Drone uses.

On 22 March 2014, US Airways Flight 4650 from Charlotte, North Carolina was on approach to Tallahassee Regional Airport in Florida when the passenger jet’s pilot spotted a “small remotely piloted aircraft” passing so perilously close that “he was sure he had collided with it”, according to the manager of the US Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Office Jim Williams. – Airport-Technology.com

Many countries aware of the drone threats, but they are still in lack of a proper judicial system to handle the business of these tiny flying objects and cause great threat to national security. In recent year we had heard the news, how unidentified drone makes a great threat to our people. So in time, if our government successfully imposed the regulation for deployment and trafficking of drones, then it will be beneficial for every cause.